Elliot Paul Richoux was born July 20,1992 in Conroe Texas; he died in a diving drowning accident at his mother’s home July 4th, 2014. He was 21 years old. 

Elliot loved baseball with a passion. He dedicated himself to developing his God given talents toward fulfilling his dream of becoming a MLB player. He began playing baseball when he was 6 at the O.R.W.A.L.L. fields in The Woodlands, Texas. Over the years he played for many of the known organizations and was trained by retired professional MLB players, some of whom were Ron Jones, Cecil Espy, Omar Washington, Charlie Hayes. Two people especially impacted Elliot's baseball career - Charlie Harness his catching coach and Kyle Dison his hitting coach. 

Elliot played for many select teams over the years: The Houston Sox, The Fury, The Banditios, The Legends, and more. Elliot made the prestigious Woodlands High School baseball team and lettered on the varsity team for three years. During that time he was a very accomplished player with an impressive on-field record. 

2009 Stats

12 Home Runs      Average .635     Slugging pct 1.481

2010 Stats & Honors

10 Home Runs      Average .438     Slugging pct .938     RBI  27

Texas Rangers Area Code 1st Base

All State 1st Base   

All District DH

All County DH

All Greater Houston 1st Base

2011 Stats & Honors

12 Home Runs      Average .500     Slugging pct .951     RBI 40

All State Catcher

All District Catcher

All County 1st Base

All Greater Houston DH


Held at the Tampa Bay Rays stadium, Elliot tied for the last place in the finals with 7 home runs, but the other player who he tied with had 2 consecutive home runs and moved ahead. One of Elliot’s home runs caused a stir when it went in the famous Rays fish tank, and the longest one hit was 462 feet long. In addition to attending the event Elliot volunteered his time to be a part of the special needs baseball program and represented them at the showcase.

Texas Area Code

Following all the previous accolades, Elliot was not invited to the Texas Area Code. A MLB Scout who believed in Elliot’s talent walked him on at the 2010 Texas Area Code, making him the only player in the history of the Texas Area Code to make the team as a walk on. 

Six Major League teams were interested in Elliot his senior year and he submitted the requested information packets for The Phillies, The Blue Jays, and his favorite the Boston Red Sox. You would think the D1 colleges would have been clamoring for a player like this but Elliot did not have a single D1 offer and attended Howard Junior College in the fall of 2011. 

Howard College

Elliot was well-loved by his coaches (especially Coach Britt Smith) and teammates at Howard College. Elliot said being at Howard was the happiest he had ever been playing the sport he loved and he truly excelled there. It was during this successful year at Howard that he coined the phrase "Hawks Fly Together," which has since been adopted by the team as a rally cry. While Elliot caught and batted in the top of the line up the entire season, we later found out he had done so with a broken hand. Despite the pain he was in he never complained; he believed the right thing to do was to go out and support his team. His hand was mended and was able to recover before he was scouted for his next team at Texas Tech. 

2012 Stats & Honors

7 Home Runs      .413 Average      RBI 61      5 Triples      14 Doubles      14 Stolen Bases 

WJCAC (sponsored by NJCAA) All Region 5 Team 

NJCAA All American Designated Hitter


Texas Tech

The following year Elliot entered Texas Tech as the starting catcher and number 4 hole hitter. He was utilized as the baseball representative for new recruits to introduce them to the opportunities that Tech offered. Elliot suffered a hernia and corrective surgery in October 2012. He was in constant pain asking repeatedly to return to see the doctor. Elliot was played injured for 7 months until he couldn’t continue and an MRI revealed that he had a torn labrum in his hip. Elliot had corrective surgery for the hip injury in Houston in June 2013. The surgeon referred Elliot to another top surgeon for the 3rd injury that the hip surgeon suspected. Elliot was operated on in August 2013 for a detached abdominal rectus in Philadelphia. The operation took twice as long as normal because of all the scar tissue that had developed while he was being played injured. The surgeons in Houston and Philadelphia both said the second and third injury was caused by the botched hernia surgery in which the surgeon had inserted too large a mesh patch that restricted Elliot’s movement. His dream to play MLB baseball was over. His identity as a “Baller” was over. It was all he lived for and now it was gone. Elliot suffered an identity crisis and finally came home to heal and redirect his life. 


Elliot went on in 2014 to work as a coach for little boys at the Texas Prospect facility. He was a part of a television pilot that was made there because the crew liked his charisma. Elliot was adored by his teams and lesson clients because he cared about them individually. Elliot made them feel special, each and every one. He had a knack for building them up with mutual respect while instructing them about baseball skills and being a life mentor about off the field positive behavior. Elliot was an exemplary role model and it's reflected in the letters the family received from players and parents after we lost him. 

Who was Elliot “Elly" Paul Richoux?

Before Elliot chose baseball he competed and won several golf competitions at the Woodlands Country Club, he was also quarterback for the 7th and 8th grade football teams. He loved to go exploring, fishing, and party. Elliot loved people, all kinds of people, and he lit up the room he walked into with his smile. He was kind and generous to a fault and believed in treating people the way he wanted to be treated, with truth and honesty.

Elliot had a powerful presence and strength of character that surpassed the understanding of the coaches and authorities that continuously sought to break him down.  He was not afraid to speak up and stand up for what he knew was right. He was a committed, baptized Christian who wore a cross every day symbolizing the integrity of purpose he sought in this life and chose to gift to those he trained and befriended.

Elliot Paul Richoux was my son, he was my joy and he still is a beacon of light in the legacy we hope to preserve for him by helping boys and girls through this foundation in his honor, Elly's Kids. 

- Deborah Richoux-Hamm
August, 2015