About your donation

Our organization prides itself on transparency. 100% of donations made to Elly's Kids are used toward the assistance of players' needs.

All promotional material and expenses of the organization are covered by the Richoux family. We are honored that you would consider donating your money to our cause and extend our upmost gratitude for helping to keep kids' dreams of baseball and softball alive. 

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If you would like to send a written check, please make them payable to "Elly's Kids - For The Love of The Game Foundation" and mail to: 
PO Box 1553 Montgomery, TX 77356 

Thank you to our donors

We are especially grateful to our early donors who showed that the community believed in our mission on the GoFundMePage. If your donation was marked as "Anonymous" your name is not included here on our site, however if you would like to make your name public at any time please reach out to us. 

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