We're proud to introduce our first Elly's Kid, Trevor Nale, 16. Get to know him from his profile below. 


My name is Trevor Nale and I am 16 years old and a junior at Tomball High School.  I have always dreamed of playing college baseball, would love to play at Sam Houston State in Huntsville, then off to the big leagues.

I have played baseball since I was 5 years old. I have tried all positions except catcher. I was on the Tomball All-Star team when I was 13, 14 and 15 years of age. I am strongest at 2nd base. My Coach at the Fury where I currently play has also been playing me at 3rd since I have a strong arm. Coach has taken me from a little league ball player to a player who is more confident in what I do on the field everyday as he has shown me the techniques I missed in little league. Everything has improved and he is now working so I can make the High School team, and playing in front of scouts. I know he will get me where I want to be as long as I implement every direction he gives, which I do.

I have a hidden talent to, God blessed me with a voice to sing.  I have been singing since elementary school. I was also in the church choir. Since Junior High I have received many solo and ensemble awards. I have also made it to the District and Region level each year of High school, this year I also made it to the Area auditions, I would love to make it to State my Senior year, I know if I work hard I will accomplish that. I received my Letterman jacket as a freshman at Tomball due to the awards and levels I received, this was a check on my bucket list. I have also held an officer position in the choir my sophomore and junior year.  I broke the barrier last year when I sang my first solo, which had my mom in tears as she has never heard me sing by myself.

I am also a State swimmer in the Butterfly and play Water Polo for Tomball High school. This has helped me stay in shape which is why I joined, and throwing a 2 pound ball while treading in 12 feet of water improved my throwing arm for baseball. Sadly I will be giving up this sport to increase my focus on baseball as that is my dream.

But just because I am an athlete don’t underestimate me, I also excel academically. I am currently ranked 44 out of 401 students in my graduating class, I will get to the top 10% by graduation day. By the end of my junior year I will have completed my first 2 years of basics classes for college. I have taken all AP and Duel credit classes available since I was in junior high. I am currently scheduled to graduate with distinguished honors in 2017. Once I complete, hopefully, my four years at Sam Houston State I would like to transfer to Baylor for my Grad degree in medical field. Why medicine? Because of my older brother who has Autism and I would love to be able to make a difference.

I have participated in my church since I was a kid. I continue to strive to be involved at the church in many ways because my faith is important to my success, as it’s my job to perfect the talents God has given me, plus it just makes you feel good. I have done several retreats and conventions with the junior high and high school. I have helped with the woman of the church garage sales, the youth firework stands, and feeding the hungry at the soup kitchen in Houston.

I am the 2nd oldest to my mom Trina, who is a single mom who works way too hard to give us everything we need. When we ask for things she says 'is it a need or a want?' But she always tries to get us these things, because I think it makes her happy to see us happy. My mom works for Coca-Cola, I get to help with Canstruction which is something Coke does to help the Houston Food Bank every year, I have participated for 3 years and earned community service hours for this. Mom keep’s a quote in the family “work hard, pray every day, laugh a lot and always sit at the dinner table together, because everything else will work itself out.”  We live by this.

My oldest brother Tyler is an icon to me. He has overcome so many challenges in his life having Autism. He currently is a sophomore at Centenary College in Shreveport to get a degree in graphic art design. With everything he went thru, he is in college and even made the Dean’s list. I am so proud of him and look up to him and his achievements. I have a 13 year old sister Tristin, who is in junior high, and is also a state swimmer, dancer and in choir. She is also an Alter server at our church. I have a 9 year old brother Trace, who is in elementary school choir, UIL chess club and an Alter server in our church. He was 4th on the junior state swim team this summer and is pre-qualified for the 2016 summer junior Olympics.

I could go on and on about my family for one simple reason, they are my foundation and my mom and God are my rocks. My mom lets us make mistakes and some of our choices simply (or challengingly) so we can learn from them, because I have had to learn the hard way growing up that life isn't always roses; when given a lemon don't cry about it - make lemonade. I have always worked hard for this reason, not only for my dreams but for my family, and to make everyone proud.