We are proud to announce our first ever intern, Elliot's good friend and longtime ball player Lucas Feddersen. Lucas has been working with us since January, attending events and helping us raise donations. We are blessed to have him as a friend of the family and such an ardent suporter of Elly's Kids. Learn more about him from his bio below. 

Lucas Kyle Feddersen, 23, will graduate from Arkansas State University in May 2016 with a degree in Sports Management. Currently he is serving his internship requirement hours with Elly's Kids, an organization close to his heart. 

Lucas' love for baseball began early on the Conroe Area youth fields and grew from there to include select ball and eventually joining the team at The Woodlands High School. Lucas started his college career at nationally ranked Crowder College (Division 1 JUCO) where he played shortstop and received the Bob Holtz dirt bag award given to the player who exemplifies selflessness, perseverance, discipline, and hard work. 

Division 1 Arkansas State University Red Wolves noticed Lucas' ability to hit "the other way" and picked him up to finish his college career as a shortstop/outfielder. Currently he holds the record for number of positions player on the field at 6. While at Arkansas State he was instrumental in helping the Red Wolves reach the Sun Belt Conference Tournament two years in a row. 

When asked about his mission statement in life, it's 'simple, really' - "Approve what is excellent" (Phil. 1:10). Excellent , not perfect. Striving to be excellent is something we can all improve on, while perfection belongs only to the guy who walks on water. 

Lucas is also a hitting and fielding coach in the Houston area while he works with us as a Sponsorship Representative, helping us finance future Elly's Kids scholarships and funding.